Marketing Psychology

Psychology is a major aspect of marketing. Studied by Marketing Departments throughout the world, different aspects of human psychology tell marketers a lot about how potential consumers or clients tick. There are some aspects of human psychology that are not inherently intuitive; however, once you learn about these aspects you will see how marketers use these aspects of our psychology.

Truth...or Repetition?

There has been interesting research done showing that the human brain has a hard time differentiating when something is true or not, if it is repeated enough times (at least if people are not paying close attention). In addition, if something is complex and hard to think about, people will be less likely to believe it.

This information doesn’t paint a pretty picture for society at large, does it? However, marketers and politicians have long been aware of this. If you’re on the marketing side of things, you can use this to your advantage, if you play it smart.


In this age of polished marketing campaigns, and impersonal mega-Corporations, many consumers seek authenticity. Authenticity these days is often used as a part of many branding strategies. Authenticity indicators can range from expanding on your companies’ backstory, having your staff contribute in your community, filming behind-the-scenes videos, and more.

Decoy Pricing

You may have noticed this tactic being used a lot by online cloud services. How decoy pricing works is that the buyer is given three package options, small, medium, and large. Many people would purchase the small plan or package, but many would also purchase the medium option because it’s just a bit more. This is a pure psychological tactic.

Artificial Scarcity

I’m looking at you Nintendo! Stories of product scarcity can have consumers flocking to shops, in a frenzy to get the next hot product. You can bet the manufacturers had a good idea of how many units they needed to ship before going to market in the first place. Don’t buy into the hype!

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